• Oxlade-Chamberlain Injury Recovery

    England’s Midfield Answer Oxlade-Chamberlain Out for Uruguay

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, recently touted as the answer to Englandֳ aging midfield, has been ruled out of the Three Lions match up with Uruguay on Thursday 19th June.[1]

    Oxlade-ChamberlainThe Arsenal midfielder, 20, suffered an MCL knee injury in the pre-tournament warm up game with Ecuador on June 4th and speculation about him taking, or not taking part in the early stages of the competition have set social media alight over the last few weeks.

    The 20-year old, dubbed The Ox, has been an instrumental fixture in Arsene Wengerֳ team this season and will no doubt become a key talisman for the Gunners and the national side over the next few years. Though Oxlade-Chamberlain has been all but dismissed from the early stages of the World Cup, his injury is not an uncommon one in the footballing world. The backroom staff at England HQ in Brazil have by all accounts played it safe with the young midfielder whose injury could, if pushed too hard, become an even worse condition and require surgery.

    Roy Hodgson has made no comment insofar as stating whether The Ox will feature any of the group stage match-ups, though it is likely that the Arsenal player will feature at all until the knock out round. Should England make it that far of course.

    What is an MCL injury?

    Oxlade-ChamberlainAnʼa title=”Medial Collateral Ligament” href=”https://www.physioroom.com/advice/injuries/knee-injury-recovery/” target=”_blank”>MCL injury occurs when the medial (inside) ligament, whose main task is to hold two or more bones together, becomes sprained or torn.ˌigaments can become pulled, ruptured or completely torn through twisting, over-extension and from impact Рall common occurrences in football. The football pitch is the ideal hunting ground for the MCL injury due to the twists, turns and rapid changes of pace.

    The injury exists on a three grade scale by which the treatment method is determined. A grade one injury is formed when the ligament becomes stretched or pulled, a grade two occurs through a partial tear and grade three happens when the ligament is completely torn. These can all occur through acute impact. A grade one can however become a grade two if not correctly treated and a grade two a grade three with the latter often requiring some form of surgical involvement.[2]

    How can it be treated?

    The Ox has been spotted taking part in individual and now team training with the England squad in Brazil wearing a Donjoy Drytex Knee Brace to assist in the rehabilitation of the ligament injury that he sustained at the beginning of June. By all accounts it seems that Hodgson and his staff, at the behest of Wenger, are keen to let The Ox complete a thorough rehabilitation and avoid risking a further chronic condition.

    At this stage of the injury process, surgery is not a necessity as the ligament will most likely heal itself given enough time and rest. The Donjoy Drytex supports the knee joint during use and prevents further tears by decreasing twisting motions and allowing the knee to move only in a linear direction. The support will carry the weighted load that the joint is usually accustomed to which allows for a faster healing process whilst the player continues training. As can be seen by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlainֳ participation in squad training this week, his injury (likely a grade one) seems to be in the closing stages of recovery though staff at England HQ in Brazil have deemed it necessary to leave the 20-year old out of the squad for the Uruguay match in Sao Paulo.

    The Donjoy Drytex Knee Brace

    The Donjoy Drytex is a premium level knee brace for use inʼa title=”Medial Collateral Ligament” href=”https://www.physioroom.com/advice/injuries/knee-injury-recovery/” target=”_blank”>MCL and ACL injury rehabilitation and can be specifically tailored to the user. The Drytex is a lightweight polyester-nylon weave that is breathable and neoprene free. This allows for a super comfortable fit and enables the user to wear the support during sporting activities such as football and skiing.

    With a polycentric hinge and the Donjoy Four Point Leverage system, the Drytex Knee Brace reproduces the movement of the knee joint and minimises the weight bearing effect on the joint. The range of motion control ranges from 0 Р90 degrees which allows the user to increase the movement capability of the joint throughout the rehabilitation process and wear during sporting activity. The Ox has also been seen using a foam roller on the injured leg to assist in a quick recovery.

    The PhysioRoom.com Injury Table

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