The Benefits of Compex Machines

The Benefits of Compex Machines

When starting out with a fitness programme, you’re often bombarded with so much information you don’t know where to start.

Then, even when you know a bit, think you’ve got a nice little plan together, there’s some new technology out there that can help you achieve an even better body or physique.

But it’s hard to know the real deal from the snake oil in this wide world of fitness.

That’s why we at PhysioRoom like to break things down for you, and give you the lowdown on the latest, and most innovative technology on the market.

So today, we’re going to talk about Compex Machines, muscle stimulators that can really help take your workout and fitness regime to the next level.

What are Compex Machines?

To explain Compex machines we must first explain electrostimulation. Electrostimulation, as a concept is very simple.

It involves the reproduction of the processes that are triggered when our brains attempt to move and contract muscles.

When we decide we’d like to move a part of our body, our brain sends an electrical current through our nerve fibres.

Once the signal reaches the muscle, the terminal motor neurons fire. By doing so they stimulate muscle fibres, causing them to contract.

When using an electric muscle stimulator like the Compex range, the signal is sent directly to the motor neurons using electrical pulses similar to that from the brain.

They’re so much like those from the brain that in fact, muscles can’t tell the difference between a contraction triggered by a muscle stimulator and one sent from the brain.

The difference is, with a muscle stimulator, the entire length of the motor neuron is activated, a more thorough and complete muscular contraction being the result.

And of course, if the stimulator is used alone, you’re able to increase muscle size while not taxing your bones with the impact of an activity such as weightlifting.

What do we use them for?

Muscle stimulators can be used in a variety of ways. First of all, it’s important to note that they don’t have to be used as a replacement for traditional workout methods.

They can be used in conjunction with normal workouts to further enhance the affects and benefits.

Here are some common uses:

  • Pain management
  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Relaxing and reviving massage
  • Muscle building
  • Capilliarisation
  • Lymphatic drainage

Electrostimulation has become an important part of physiotherapy and pain management.

Going hand in hand with that, It’s of course also a good way of preventing injury, giving the muscles the exact treatment needed at specific points in training schedules.

It’s important to remember electrostimulation isn’t magic, it respects and works with the way your body works, taking advantage of already existing processes.

Are they Safe?

Of course. NMES, or neuromuscular Electrical Stimulators are considered medical devices in the USA and are regulated by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Since non FDA-certified devices cannot be lawfully sold without medical prescription, it means Compex’s are safe.

They’re approved as a level 2 medical device, meaning Compex had to prove that the device can be used safely and effectively.

Where can I get one?

Why here at PhysioRoom of course!

We have a range of Compex machines at varying different prices and levels.

If you’d like to look what we have in stock, click here!

You should use the Compex stimulator that best suits your needs and we have divided below our products in two categories: the fitness and sports range. Click on the links to find out more details on the products.


Fitness Range

Fit 1.0 : The new Fit 1.0 stimulator is ideal for those training one to two times a week. Use it for just 20 minutes before, during or after training to sculpt your body, tone your abs and relieve pain. By helping to get blood flowing to your muscles and around your body, this stimulator helps to relieve the pain following exercise and is the perfect addition to your fitness routine.

Fit 3.0: Ideal for those who practise an activity 3 times a week, this device uses muscle intelligence (MI) technology that adapts to each of your muscles individually and according to your needs, providing the most effective electrostimulation possible. Great to use before, during and after exercise to increase muscle building, reduce muscle tension and manage pain after exercise.

Fit 5.0: The Wireless electrostimulator that gives you complete freedom while training and ideal for those training everyday. Great to use before, during and after training, with a pain management system integrated to be used to work muscle groups, this state-of-the-art stimulator will help firm your stomach and get a six-pack, firm arms and tone thighs. The Fit 5.0 is the very top of the Compex fitness range!

Sports range

SP 2.0: This muscle stimulator is adapted for those training 1 to 2 times a week and can help aid recovery, prevent injury, treat pain, target and tone your muscles. Ideal for sculpting your body and aiding faster recovery.

SP 4.0: This stimulator includes all the feature of SP 2.0 as well as a rehabilitation program ideal for athletes who incur frequent injuries, training 3 or more times a week.

SP 6.0: The stimulator SP 6.0 includes all the features of SP 4.0 in a Wireless version Рallowing for total freedom of movements. For those training more than 3 times a week.

SP 8.0: The class-leader of electrostimulation Рdesigned for athletes training everyday. Will tone, firm and shape your body while helping your muscles to recover quickly and provide pain relief. This stimulator also features the MI-Autorange technology that will determine automatically the most appropriate level of stimulation, to give you the optimum performance in every aspect of your fitness.


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