• 10 Olympic Sports to Try Out Yourself!

    Olympimania has taken hold of the country. The nation is going nuts with each new British success on the rowing lake, in the velodrome and on the track. After the wall to wall coverage is over with a bit of luck we will get off our couches, turn the TV off and participate.


    This is the easiest sport to try out as all you need is a pair of running shoes. You donִ have to be Usain Bolt to enjoy running.

    Before you do any sport you must warm up or you could injure yourself. If you suffer from knee pain wear a knee ligament support. You will see lots of other joggers wearing them.


    All you need for this is a swimming costume or a pair of trunks and an ability to move your body quick enough so that you donִ sink.

    It is a great exercise to do as you use a lot of muscles in your body when you swim. Also if you do suffer from knee problems it is a great way to move about without putting stress on your knee.


    Bradley Wiggins is 7/1 on to be Sports Personality of the Year and since he won the Tour de France and Olympic gold we all want to get on our bikes.

    Cycling is a very open sport and anyone with a bike can enter competitions. If you havenִ cycled for a while you will feel it in your thighs but it is great fun once you get going.


    You donִ have to hurt anyone to enjoy this sport. There are boxercise classes that enable you to use the movement and energy required for the noble art.

    Beach Volleyball

    This sport has created great interest amongst the column writers and media commentators of the nation. With its skimpy costumes and glamorous participants they have questioned its validity as a sport.

    But if they played it they would realise that all the jumping and diving you need to do to play the game gives the body a full work out. These tired journalists will probably need a first aid kit if they actually tried it.


    There are canoeing and kayaking centres up and down the country where you can give this exhilarating sport a try.

    It really works the upper body and strengthens your core body muscles.

    Table Tennis

    London mayor Boris Johnson may call it ӗif-WafӠbut Table Tennis when played properly is an exhausting game to play. As a kid you may have played it and thought it was quite sedate.

    Also, because of the concentration needed to play it will improve your mind as well as your body.


    During Wimbledon the courts of the country fill up and then empty as soon as the fortnight is over.

    If you are drawn to a court due to watching Murray, Federer et al stick with it this time as it is a great way to burn calories.


    If you have a dodgy ankle this is a fun thing to try as you can get your heart beating but also reduces stress on weight bearing joints by eighty percent.


    Brisk walking is simple to do and great exercise. You donִ have to walk as fast as the Olympic walkers but if you can it will help you get fit.

    Who knows if you get good at one of these sports you could be off to Rio in 2016?

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