• Electrostimulation: A Guide to Buying the Best TENS Machine

    As a sports enthusiast, or a fitness-freak, you will be no stranger to the effect that keeps you from training after a particularly intensive workout (well, maybe just after a normal workout; we don’tִ all have the same aptitudes, right?). You might have also been wondering why the chap training next to you at the … Read more

    Hamstring Strain (Part 2) : Early Rehabilitation Techniques

    So you’ve pulled your hamstring, you’re in pain and you want to get back to playing the sport you enjoy as quickly, as safely and as healthily as possible. Well you came to the right place; at least here we won’t get bogged down in discussions about what colour a dress is, the workings of … Read more

    Eight Sporty Gift Ideas For The Daredevil Athlete In Your Life

    When holiday season rolls around and you find yourself looking for gifts for that special someone who is into Extreme sports, it can be tough to find things they do not already have. There are so many options out there that it can also be hard to narrow it down. Fortunately, we have you covered with eight great gift ideas for this year:

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    Cold Weather Training

    With the arrival of January 3rd came the realisation that the holiday period was finally over, the last turkey leg had been eaten and the remaining party poppers pulled. The cold, dark, wet and extremely blustery New Year had begun with a bang as I sat in my office chair thinking where did it all go? Pre-Christmas clothing favourites of brightly coloured slim fitting shirts paired with tailored single pleat trousers had been replaced by an array of plain black slacks coupled with double fronted elasticated pants to accommodate a slight festive spread.

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    Britain’s Achievements in Sports

    I watched the BBC Sports Personality of the Year last night. Well if truth be told I flicked between that and Tottenham and Chelsea Premier League match. The Sports Personality of the Year shortlist does underline the massive British achievements in a variety of sports.

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    The UKֳ Favourite Sports

    We are a nation that loves sport. Whether we are watching or participating millions of us are involved some type of sporting activity.

    It is a shame that often our national teams or individual sports men and women often let us down as our passion for sport deserves more success. As a country that gave the world so many sports and games you would think we would be better at them.

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    Team Emotional Triathlon Fast Approaching

    As the saying goes Քime waits for no manՠor in our case waits for no Team! Here we are only days away from our flagship event – The Big Ben Nevis Triathlon – and members are already proposing a truly Emotional day, and I havenִ even mentioned the heavy rain forecast outlined by the Met Office.

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