• Why Some People Can Eat Anything They Want and Stay Slim

    Roger drinks a lot of beer, he eats the wrong food and does not exercise and yet he is as thin as the proverbial rake. Why should this be?

    How can he get away with it doing all the wrong things while other people are pounding the streets despite the need for a ligament knee support because they had a couple of cookies at tea time and they have gone straight on to their hips.

    It does not seem fair does it?


    Fairness, I am afraid, has nothing to do with it. What it comes down to is the way our bodies are structured and the speed of our metabolism.

    Human beings must obey the law of thermodynamics. They obey the first law by taking in food as energy and then they release that energy through movement and exercise.

    Simply, if you do not burn off that energy the body will have to store it somewhere and for some people the body will keep it as fat.

    Some people, though, have a fast metabolism which takes that food energy but quickly burns it up so rapidly that they do not need to do as much movement or exercise to burn it off.

    Fat inside

    Roger, though, may appear to be slim and fit but he will not be getting away with his lifestyle as even the thin can be fat inside.

    Thin people with lifestyles like Roger can build up internal fat around the vital organs such as the heart, liver or pancreas. This can be more dangerous for them than for the person carrying that bit of extra flab.

    Because they do not appear to be fat they can actually believe that they are healthy when they are in fact in as much danger as someone who you can see is unhealthy,

    Roger may be storing up future health problems like diabetes or heart disease because he thinks he is thin and therefore his lifestyle is fine.

    Even people with a fast metabolism need to exercise.


    The key to a healthy lifestyle is exercise. That food energy has to go somewhere and whether it is on the outside or the inside you have to burn it off.

    Go to the gym, start jogging or go swimming or just start off by going for a walk for half an hour when you get back from work.

    If you feel concerned because you suffer from knee pain or some other injury get advice from your GP first but exercise is the key to true fitness. You see so many joggers with ankle and knee supports who know that the only way to be fit is to act fit.

    There is a big difference between looking healthy and being healthy.

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