• How Can we Get More Young People Playing Sport?

    Sport England published their Active People survey at the end of last week. It showed that more people over the age of 26 are playing sport at least once a week. Unfortunately, for people under that age the numbers have fallen.

    With trends in obesity and health problems such as diabetes and blood pressure on the increase what can be done to get our young people to play sport?


    Obviously the government hope that the Olympics will inspire our young people to become more active.

    That is one of the legacies that they hope London 2012 will inspire. The Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said, Ӈetting people to have sport as a habit for life has got to be the heart of our sports strategy after the Olympics.Ԝn
    However, no previous Olympics have inspired an increase in people playing sport and Mr Hunt acknowledged there was a Ӣig challenge aheadӼstrong>.


    Why donִ kids want to play sport?

    Some people say it is because they have become too soft. In todayֳ risk averse culture they are afraid of injuring themselves.

    They see professional sportsmen in agony after a bad tackle. The TV pictures show the pain as physios with first aid kits try to treat them on the pitch.

    Why would they want to stress their bodies out and end up wearing ligament knee supports or ending up with chronic knee pain when they can sit in their bedrooms and press buttons?


    Sport England with funds from the government and the National Lottery plans to throw ñbn at the problem.

    Part of that money will pay for The School Games. This is a national inter-school competition the winners of which end up competing in the Olympic park.

    Over half the schools in the country have signed up to enter and hopefully it will inspire our young people to take up exercise as a way of life.

    Because if they donִ the consequences for the nationֳ health and wealth could be dire if our young people do not realise that to be healthy you have to exercise.

    Olympic Torch

    At the moment the Olympic torch is touring the country and millions of young people are cheering and waving their union jacks as it passes through their communities.

    Hopefully, the metaphorical torch of playing sport and exercise can be passed on to them as well and in ten years time we will have a fitter and healthier country.

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