• Shocking Football Injuries…Continued

    Despite the efforts of football authorities and referees football is a contact sport. For the fan this is part of the attraction of the game. They love to watch the blood and thunder excitement of players sliding in and giving their all.

    However, sometimes players can overdo it and this can result in serious injuries which can be career threatening or even lead to lifelong chronic problems. When they retire many players who have not been seriously injured tend to suffer from knee pain so footballers who get injured are unavoidably scarred for life.

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    The UKֳ Favourite Sports

    We are a nation that loves sport. Whether we are watching or participating millions of us are involved some type of sporting activity.

    It is a shame that often our national teams or individual sports men and women often let us down as our passion for sport deserves more success. As a country that gave the world so many sports and games you would think we would be better at them.

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