• Shocking Football Injuries…Continued

    Despite the efforts of football authorities and referees football is a contact sport. For the fan this is part of the attraction of the game. They love to watch the blood and thunder excitement of players sliding in and giving their all.

    However, sometimes players can overdo it and this can result in serious injuries which can be career threatening or even lead to lifelong chronic problems. When they retire many players who have not been seriously injured tend to suffer from knee pain so footballers who get injured are unavoidably scarred for life.

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    The PhysioRoom Injury Table

    The PhysioRoom English Premier League Injury Table is a fantastic resource for footy fans, especially those with their own Fantasy Football team or anyone looking to make a smart bet at the weekend. Updated daily with the latest stats and analysis on player injuries it provides clear and detailed information to the reader.

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    The Rooney Factor

    The big injury news this week was Wayne Rooneyֳ hamstring injury which he picked up in training on Friday.ʠHeֳ been by far and away the biggest point-scoring player so far with 59 points from five games.ʠThe big factor this week is how would the Fantasy teams with Rooney in cope with his loss? Could the teams without him gain some ground?ʠFor this Fantasy footballer it was a resounding no (more on my miserable week later).

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    PhysioRoom.com’s Injury Table Scores Another Vote of Confidence

    With a rapidly growing fanbase on Twitter and Facebook, it’s clear the PhysioRoom.com Premier League Injuries Table is proving popular. And, with a recent mention in the Mirror Football section, we’re truly beginning to realise just how seriously people take Fantasy Football.

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    I Love Fantasy Football

    Disregard all my previous comments regarding Fantasy Football (I hate Fantasy Football!), itֳ truly a wonderful game. This statement clearly shows how fickle I am and I donִ really care (I have been called much worse).

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    I hate Fantasy Football!

    I hate Fantasy Football! Itֳ not because itֳ a bad game. Itֳ due to the fact I֭ absolutely rubbish at it. I mentioned in a previous blog (which you can read here) that whatever transfers I make they never work out for me.

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