• EURO 2024 England vs Switzerland Preview: Granit Xhaka Injury Blow & Luke Shaw Update

    The EURO 2024 Quarter Final matchup between England and Switzerland could be a tale of two injuries. England’s Luke Shaw is fighting to be fit in time to start at left-back – a huge boost for Gareth Southgate’s side, while on the other hand, Granit Xhaka is desperately battling an adductor issue to be fit … Read more

    How to Treat Sports Injuries in the Winter

    Woman slipping from a snowboard while sliding downhill, showing the risk of winter sports injuries.

    Engaging in winter sports brings joy and excitement. But as with other outdoor pursuits, it also comes with its share of potential injuries. From slips on icy slopes to muscle strains, this season poses challenges for athletes. Here, we explore the common sports injuries that winter enthusiasts may encounter. Stay tuned as we also provide … Read more

    I hate Fantasy Football!

    I hate Fantasy Football! Itֳ not because itֳ a bad game. Itֳ due to the fact I֭ absolutely rubbish at it. I mentioned in a previous blog (which you can read here) that whatever transfers I make they never work out for me.

    Read moreI hate Fantasy Football!