• Entering the Cheese Race with my Injured Knee!

    On my annual travels down to Weymouth to visit a friend, I was informed of a downhill cheese race in Gloucestershire. I never thought something so ridiculous existed and I was very excited to give it a go but I had one single worry. My knee! About a month before my trip, I had torn a ligament in my knee

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    Free Exercise Range Giveaway!

    Improve your workout for free with the PhysioRoom.com giveaway! (This competition is now closed. Thanks to all who took part!) To celebrate the launch of our new Rehab & Fitness Range we’re giving away five products (see above). To win your favourite, all you need to do is Tweet us the corresponding number to the … Read more

    First Aid Kits play Vital Role in Premier League Injuries

    Hot off the press! As seen in this month’s Four Four Two magazine, PhysioRoom.com has complied all the vital injury stats from the Prem Season.

    We’ve partnered up with the national football publication Four Four Two to bring to light the crucial role first aid kits can play in the fight against Premier League sick days. From the biggest offenders to the most common injuries of the Prem Season, PhysioRoom.com has it all.

    Here’s your chance to take a look again at our popular feature if you missed out!

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    On the Road to Recovery

    Well there we have it, another event to chalk off and confine to the memory banks of time! Although somehow I doubt I will be delving back to recount the highlights of a successful run. Am I happy? Hmmmm … Do I wish I could have prepared better? … Definitely ɠWill I ever change? I hope so! You see I֭ not a runner, never have and never will be which suggests I should try even harder to cover all the basic eventualities of a marathon. For all my short falls in the training department I committed some school boy֥sque type errors which; had I prepared a little better would have made the following days of recovery just that little bit more comfortable.

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