• IT Band Knee Injury Pain while Cycling to Work

    After swapping my very ‘thirsty’ Ford Galaxy 2.3 petrol car with my GT Mountain Bike for my daily commute to work, I was initially delighted with my daily saving of ø from my wallet and 2 pounds from my waistline!

    But as the weeks rolled on, I began to experience a sharp pain in the outside of my knee while cycling which was threatening my newly rejoiced mode of transport and newly found benefits that came with it.

    After consulting with our in-house resident Physio expert Stuart Mills, he advised me that the problem I was experiencing is known as ‘IT Band Syndrome’, aka Ilio Tibial Band Friction Syndrome (a common injury with runners and cyclists and is also referred to as Runners Knee Injury).

    The solution to this problem was right here where I work as Stuart helpfully pointed me in the direction of one of our very own Runners Knee ITB supports which range from ò3.99 up to ñ15.99.

    As a true Lancastrian, I opted for the lowest priced support product we had available, the Mueller ITB Strap, reasonably priced at ò3.99, this is a lightweight strap that is easy to fit just above your knee on either side, which was good as the problem sometimes flared up on either knee and the pain would not cease until I stopped the activity.

    This simple little strap has helped to relieve strain on my knee during my early cycling days and has allowed me to continue cycling through the summer, where my knee has now built up its own strength and I don’t now need to use this ITB strap anymore.

    Other treatments for Runners Knee Injury include the use of Ice Packs, Orthotics and Foot Insoles.

    In summary, the Mueller ITB Strap allowed me to build up my knee through my early stage of cycling allowing me to become a lot fitter and healthier and for that reason alone ranks this as one of the best products I have ever purchased!

    To purchase the Mueller ITB Strap Support, please click here

    Runners Knee Injury Support Strap
    Runners Knee Injury Support Strap

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