• Entering the Cheese Race with my Injured Knee!

    On my annual travels down to Weymouth to visit a friend, I was informed of a downhill cheese race in Gloucestershire. I never thought something so ridiculous existed and I was very excited to give it a go but I had one single worry. My knee! About a month before my trip, I had torn a ligament in my knee when I was in Windermere drunk on Guinness.

    When I returned to work, PhysioRoom.com’s Product Manager, Stuart Mills advised me on what I could do to help the recovery process and what sort of products I should use. I used an Aircast Knee / Cryo Cuff With Cooler to help with the swelling and bleeding which really speeded up my recovery time. Woohoo! I was in with a chance of making it to the cheese race.

    Stuart told me to take a Stabilising Knee Support with me just to give my knee the extra support. As I traveled down the M6 in my swanky Fiesta clutching my sexy new knee support, the smell of the 8lb Double Gloucestershire was getting me excited! Midday came and the pressure was on. One to be ready, two to be steady, three to prepare and four to be off! Fifteen mentalists started running down a hill chasing cheese. I went for it! I managed the race to the bottom with only an elbow in the face and a close call with some ӭuckӮ

    Unfortunately I didnִ win, but I was more impressed with not having any problems with my knee. My mighty new knee support, now covered in mud had served me well. Despite coming 10th, I֭ going for it again when the next race happens. Hopefully there will be no more Guinness fuelled injuries but if there is, I’m sure the mighty Stuart Mills will be able to help me out again! Bring on the cheese!

    Knee Support for Cheese Race
    This looks worse when youֲe stood at the top worrying whether your legs will stop you at the bottom or not!

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