• The Highs and Lows of the Rusty Cup

    The PhysioRoom.com team recently took to the pitch at Belevdere Rugby Club to raise money for a charitable cause. And battle it out for the Rusty Cup.

    Friendly five-a-side football matches are a weekly occurrence between the staff at PhysioRoom.com, BestBathrooms and Trueshopping, so the chance to play against another team is always welcome. If it means raising money for a good cause, then all the better.

    As it happens, such an opportunity presented itself with this year’s Rusty Cup. The game, PhysioRoom.com vs Ultra Group (a sister company), took place on Friday, June 17th and drew a pretty good crowd.

    It kicked off to a positive start with a goal scored a piece by each side. Our spirits were up! Sadly though, it was not meant to be…

    The end result stood at 2-1, making us the underdogs of the game.

    The trophy would of had our name on it, had it not been for the hapless Dave Anderson who scored an own goal!! Perhaps some of our players need to polish up their performance for the Rusty Cup rematch next year?

    Our efforts (Dave excluded!) did however raise ó20 for the Pendleside Hospice.

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