• 5-a-Side Football Injuries and Treatments

    The boys here at PhysioRoom.com have a զriendlyՠgame of football each Tuesday evening. We have divided ourselves into two teams of five and play a series of matches, where the first team to win seven games secures bragging rights and a meal and drinks at the expense of the losing opponents. We did originally play the first to five matches, but it was decided this was making the mini tournaments too short, as each team took turn to dominate in a series.

    Unfortunately, the competitive (or probably more accurately combative) nature of these series has lead to a few injuries in the squads. Kyle Lovett-Blackwell, was the first to fall, suffering a broken wrist after landing badly following an all-too-familiar զull-bloodedՠchallenge. Fortunately, here at PhysioRoom.com, we have an extensive range of products for the treatment, protection, and rehabilitation, of such injuries.

    Kyle was able to help ease the swelling and bleeding in his wrist with the Aircast Hand & Wrist Cryo/Cuff, he then ensured his wrist was protected from further injury with the Aircast StabilAir. Once his wrist was healed he then used the Mobilis Therapeutic Putty to regain the lost strength in his wrist. This was especially important; as I had heard another colleague, namely Adam Wale, comment quite regularly on Kyleֳ limp wrist.

    Tragically, the next to suffer an injury was myself. During a Stefan Freund-esque sprint back from the oppositionֳ penalty area to the edge of my own (possibly a slight exaggeration) I landed my foot on its side and rolled it over, suffering torn anterior ligaments in my ankle. Obviously my fellow PhysioRoom colleagues were incredibly concerned for my well-being and helped me up and off the pitch, sat me down, then continued the game whilst I waited for a lift to the hospital and surveyed the impressive rate at which my ankle was swelling.

    I was able to use the Bodymedics Compression & Ice Wrap, which I cannot recommend highly enough, to ease the swelling and bruising. I also supported and protected my ankle with the Aircast SP Walker, as used by many famous footballers including Wayne Rooney (which is about all I will ever have in common with the man). I also now protect my ankle during games with the McDavid Ultra-Lite Ankle Brace, which has given me the confidence to play again without the fear of a recurring injury.

    After an emphatic 7-1 victory for my team in the last series (from which the bragging rights are in full flow, but the meal and drinks have yet to be produced) we now lead 1-0 in the current series. Thanks to the excellent products available through PhysioRoom.com my ankle is now strong enough to help my side and I to another comfortable victory.

    5-a-side football injuries
    PhysioRoom.com’s 5-a-side games can get a little competitive!

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