• Top 5 Triathlon Injuries

    Regardless of whether you’re a world class athlete or you’re just looking to get in to the sport, preventing and treating triathlon injuries is vitally important. A lot of triathlon injuries are over use injuries that require rest to recuperate, something one can ill afford is looking to get up to speed for competition. That’s … Read more

    Hot & Cold Treatment Guide

    Learn all there is to know about hot and cold treatment, including how it works, the treatments and products available, and more in our detailed buyers’ guide. Injuries, however serious, are never nice to deal with and many don’t fully understand how to treat them, which can cause delays in the recovery period. Whether you’ve … Read more

    The Best way to Apply a Cold or Hot Compress

    It’s the 85th minute, your team is 1-0 down when the ball is headed from your area and falls in to your path. There’s green grass ahead of you, the counter is there, this is it, your chance at glory, equalise and become a hero. But just as you get in to your stride, that … Read more

    Hot or Cold: When to Use the Right Compress for Your Injury

    Hot or Cold: When to Use the Right Compress for Your Injury

    You have likely heard you should use hot and cold therapy products when you develop a sports injury. However, knowing when to use each one the right way can make a world of difference in how fast you recover. Different types of injuries require different types of treatment. Here’s a guide on when to use … Read more

    Common Running Injuries & How to Prevent Them

    A running injury can affect anyone, whether you have many years of experience or you are a newbie to running. Regardless of your injury make sure that you listen to your body and donִ run if you are in pain and once you are fully recovered you can kick-start your running again.

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    Stumble and a crack, there goes my ankle again…

    So on the 20th of August I was scouring the front room for my car keys. After spending literally an eternity, I realised they were more than likely where I always leave them which is on top of the cabinet by the door. Standing on the chair I finally find them sat on top of a couple of DVDs. I grab them and step down off the chair onto the notoriously wobbly floor board.

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