• Stumble and a crack, there goes my ankle again…

    So on the 20th of August I was scouring the front room for my car keys. After spending literally an eternity, I realised they were more than likely where I always leave them which is on top of the cabinet by the door. Standing on the chair I finally find them sat on top of a couple of DVDs. I grab them and step down off the chair onto the notoriously wobbly floor board.

    Down I go as my ankle pretty much says ӎo Sir, I don’t like it Ү Within seconds it balloons to the size of a cricket ball and I cannot move it. Now this isn’t the first time I have done it no..no..no..Two months earlier to this I was out with the wife and my son in the park. I was playing around making my son laugh when my foot slips in a divot in the grass and BOOM! Ankle gives way. Now this is actually an old martial arts injury I picked up a couple of years ago after landing incorrectly from a jumping spinning reaping kick. A kick that I am usually pretty good with to be honest. Which obviously has made the ankle pretty weak.

    So I spend an hour or two in A&E at the request of my wife just to make sure I haven’t fractured anything. Like most people I hate going to hospital because of all the waiting, the sick people and the paperwork that the doctors and nurses need to fill out. Well the doctor came back with the results and all was clear, no fracture. I’m free to go. Groovy.

    Sprained Ankle
    A couple of days later and the swelling is down.

    Well I presumed I would at least get strapped up and maybe some happy pills but nope. No strap, no happy pills. Just go home use cold therapy (which to me means a bag of peas wrapped in a flannel and tied to my foot) and to walk around as normal. So as not to restrict movement in the foot.

    Get to work on Monday and a colleague mentions that the cold therapy is right but to also wear a light support as the ankle is obviously weak. What with this being the third or fourth time the ankle has gone. Stuart the PhysioRoom Brand Manager recommends to use PhysioRoom.com Adjustable Soccer Ankle Support as it is a light support that will fit snug into any trainer . He also suggested replacing the peas wrapped in a flannel tied to the foot trick with a slightly more scientific form of cold therapy the PhysioRoom.com Instant Ice Pack, which has served me magnificently.

    Now I have pretty much most of the movement in my foot apart from the odd twinge here or there in just 10 days. With a little bit of physio using a wobble board to strengthen the ankle, I can be back at training and messing around in the park with my boy in no time. Booyah!

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