• Bizarre Injury Treatments

    The internet if full of weird and wonderful theories on how to heal sports injuries. Here’s some of the best.

    Potatoes – A cut above the rest

    Not just great for chips! The humble potato is also an alternative way to soothe burns.

    Apparently using potato peel as a substitute to bandages will heal burns super fast.

    The skin from this cheap and chipper veg will keep the skin hydrated, means no sticky glue and is pain free to remove. Furthermore, the peel also contains anti-bacterial goodness.

    A meaty idea for bruising

    Placing raw meat on to wound doesn’t sound very hygienic to us and is highly likely to cause infections. However, there are some who claim placing steak over bumps and bruises can do wonders. The idea is that the cold slices reduce swelling and give firm compression when applied to the skin.

    Although you can find examples of steak being used in films to heal back eyes there is no real evidence to support the meaty claim so it’s better to stick to a cold compress.

    Icy cold pain relief

    The science of cryotherapy is based around freezing the body to shock the body into releasing hormones which will relieve pain and kick start the immune system. Rugby players are notable fans of the treatment using cryogenic chambers to submit themselves to temperatures as low as -120 degrees Fahrenheit! Brrrrr!

    Boozy baths

    You may have heard of women pouring beer onto their locks to make their hair more shiny and lush, but this concept makes even that sound strange. It’s been claimed that by bathing in beer tired muscles and weary bodies will be revived. ‘Beer Spas’ are said to be all the rage in the Czech Republic where people flock to take a dip in them as part of beauty and sports therapy treatments. Vitamins within the brew are also supposed to leave your skin glowing. Cheers to that!


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