• Top Tips for Six Pack Abs

    Personal Trainer and fitness blogger Alexis Fletcher is back once again with her insights into the world of health and fitness. This week, she gives her top tips for six pack abs; from the food to the workouts. AB-TENSION As a weight loss expert I regularly help people shed the fat they want to lose … Read more

    Sports Supplements Explained: Protein

    The world of sports supplements is one of the most hotly disputed yet highly marketed enterprises within the world of health and fitness. Set against billions of dollars’ worth of industry, the micro-economy has sky rocketed since the 1980’s. Toby Cryne discusses the most common products on the market and how they can (or can’t) … Read more

    The Benefits of Creatine

    Creatine has become a hot commodity in the world of health and fitness in recent years. Used across the board from bodybuilders to endurance athletes and across both sexes, the most heavily researched supplement in the world is undoubtedly misunderstood. But what exactly are the benefits of creatine and how can it help your performance? … Read more

    PhysioRoom.com’s Top Tips for Optimum Hydration

    Having learnt from first-hand experience how dangerous dehydration can be, Toby Cryne discusses how water benefits you during exercise, what happens during dehydration and how you can keep on top of your h20 levels all day long. How to Stay Hydrated During Exercise Believe it or not, water is probably the most important natural element on the … Read more

    The Metabolism

    From the inception of the sports supplement market, many health industry market leaders have produced products designed to boost the metabolism. But what actually is the famed metabolism, how does it work and how can one keep it ‘burning’ naturally? Toby Cryne investigates. “The metabolism is a complex thing indeed. Regularly used within the semantic … Read more

    Nutrition Confusion

    Our resident fitness expert and fitness blogger Alexis Fletcher is back with her top tips in the world of health and fitness. This week Alexis talks about nourishment and diets. With all the faddy diets and conflicting nutritional advice out there it’s easy to have a whole lot of nutrition confusion so in this post … Read more

    PhysioRoom’s Healthy Breakfast Tips

    Healthy Breakfast Tips to Kickstart Your Day Arnold famously quipped that; “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and frankly, his word is gospel around these parts. PhysioRoom’s resident lab rat (and former chef) Toby Cryne gives you his healthy breakfast tips to supercharge your day. Eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince … Read more

    Rollers and Balls: How to Perform Self Massage

    PhysioRoom.com investigates how you can perform self massage Ah the foam roller – the bane of every runners life. From trigger point and myofascial release to general massage the foam roller has become a staple in every runner’s closet. That blue sausage of evil that lurks next to your kit bag and winks at you every time you wince down the stairs. … Read more

    Bodybuilding: A Story of Size

    The sport of competitive bodybuilding is one of the strangest, yet intriguing sports to have taken hold over the last century. As broad and tall as those who compete, the sport has become a symbolised ideal of the masculine look. Bodybuilding contests display an ironic veneration of the disparity between beauty and strength. The thematic pairing of majestic, artistic (some … Read more