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The football season, as though some vindictive torturer hired at the behest of our enemies, has forever engaged in one of life’s most cruel games of tease then deny. Just as the Premier League was getting in to its formidable stride, along comes that darned international break again to interrupt our early euphoria, and remind […]

Thank god that’s out the way ey? That pesky international break came and went with…well surprisingly, some good games, big moments and great atmospheres. But how many points did you win? ZERO, that’s how many, so good job we’re back to put you back on the straight and narrow, and if we don’t, feel free […]

Hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again… Yes, PhysioRoom suffered a stumbling block in our inevitable march to glory last week as we recorded just a 40-point game week. The only thing that stopped us recording even lower was the inspired choice of Romelu Lukaku as captain. Just so happens […]

It’s a new season! A new hope! New injuries! New EVERYTHING! But with these new shiny things, comes a familiar site from PhysioRoom, that’s right, it’s time for our weekly injury round-up! It’s been a barnstorming start thus far in the Premier League, with Chelsea falling to Burnley, Watford being held to a draw by […]

Well, what a first week… If you’re like us, things were looking rough come Sunday afternoon. But a beam of shining light pierced through the storm in the shape of Romelu Lukaku. Lukaku’s impressive start for United, coupled with a ridiculous amount of people choosing him as their captain, means the difference making points may […]

The summer of 2017 has been an unequivocally frustrating one. When the final whistle of the 2016/17 season rang out and Antonio Conte’s Chelsea side were crowned Premier League champions, we were prepared for a lean period, with nought but youth football and the Confederations Cup to keep our fancies tickled. Little did we know […]

  It’s that time again everyone. As the season opener rolls around on Friday night we can already imagine the smell of freshly cut grass, we can almost hear the sounds of burger van motors humming away in the background. But we won’t see or hear any of that, because we’re far too busy picking […]

This time around on the PhysioRoom blog, we’re going to take a look at some key players who missed large chunks of last season and who could return and make an impact in 2017/18 It’s a funny old game, politics, one minute you’re boasting a majority, the next you’ve got yourself a hung parliament. Jeremy […]

It was September 24th 2016, and with five minutes left to go in the first half at the Emirates stadium, Mesut Ozil left N’Golo Kante trailing in his wake before steering home Arsenal’s third in what would finish as a 3-0 victory over rivals Chelsea. So much has happened since that day that you’d be […]

  It’s that time once again. The moment has arrived for another weekly injury update from Can’t contain your excitement? Of course you cant… This Premier League season is coming to a close, and just as Jeremy Corbyn did when viewing recent election results, it’s time for us to say “oh no, we don’t […]