• Exercising during the winter months

    Summer ended at the moment Andy Murray thrillingly clinched the US Open title. Our fantastic summer of sport came to an end and we were brought down to Earth as the England football team failed to beat Ukraine at home.

    Autumn is upon us but before we know it winter will be here and rather than staying in by the fire you should still get your body moving when it is cold outside. You should not let your exercise regime drop when the temperature starts to fall.

    It is understandable that you will worry about injury when exercising in wintery conditions. So long as you are careful you can avoid the need for a first aid kit and still burn some calories.

    Wear the right clothes

    It is sometimes difficult to judge what to wear when going out jogging in the cold. You know that your body is going to get hot as you run. Your body may well feel about 10 Р15?C warmer than it actually is once you get going.

    The key is to wear layers. So that if you are getting too warm you can remove a layer and cool down. If it is really cold you should make sure your hands and face are protected at all times.

    Make sure you warm up

    You should do this every time you exercise but it is particularly important if you are going out into the cold. You can injure yourself quite seriously if you are not properly warmed up and you start running.

    In the cold your muscles tighten and this is how muscle strains occur. A common cause of knee pain while you are running is because the muscles are tight.

    To increase the blood flow to muscles you can use pre cut kinesiology tape but this should not be used as a substitute to a proper warm up routine but it can help to prevent injury.

    Make sure you drink enough

    When you train in winter you may not become as thirsty as you do when running on a hot summer day. However, your body still needs hydrating. You may also find that you have an increased appetite when running in the cold so take a bit of food out with you as well.

    You can always exercise indoors

    If it is simply too dangerous to venture out you can always put on a game console like a Wii if you have one or grab an exercise DVD and put that on to burn up a sweat.

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