• G Form Shin Guards: The Pro-X Range with Pele

    G Form Shin Guards With Pele G Form Shin Guards, in case you havenִ heard already, are a revolutionary company that have taken social media by storm with product demonstration videos featuring their products. And why? Stuff like this:   Pretty cool huh? And now, in line with the recent World Cup in Brasil, the … Read more

    PR.com Injury Supplement – Will Kolo Toure feature for Liverpool?

    Featuring prominently amongst the chatter at PhysioRoom.com Headquarters over the past few days are some familiar Premier League injury faces as the after-effects of a tough midweek cup schedule plays havoc with many a tactical game plan. Will he? Wonִ he? Hopefully I can answer those all-important Premier League injury questions before the transfer deadline, helping to maximise potential point scoring before Septembers enforced sojourn. Ahead of Շame Week Threeՠmy Premier League Injury Round-Up will focus on some of the main discussion points raised by ‘you’ in the build-up to the fixtures this weekend.

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    Darren Bent, will he be fit for Euro 2012 or not?

    Englandֳ goal scoring options were looking limited after Wayne Rooney got himself banned for the opening 2 games of Euro 2012, but after Darren Bent was stretchered off at the weekend with ankle ligament damage, the number of available strikers with international experience is now at zero unless Bent can be nursed back to fitness before the tournament.

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    Running, Self-Drive & Ankle Braces

    Like many other runners I know, I have two to three set running routes that I like to run repeatedly. My favorite runs always take me away from the road, cars and if possible – near to water. For me staying static on a treadmill is a waste of time.

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    Stumble and a crack, there goes my ankle again…

    So on the 20th of August I was scouring the front room for my car keys. After spending literally an eternity, I realised they were more than likely where I always leave them which is on top of the cabinet by the door. Standing on the chair I finally find them sat on top of a couple of DVDs. I grab them and step down off the chair onto the notoriously wobbly floor board.

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