• G Form Shin Guards: The Pro-X Range with Pele

    G Form Shin Guards With Pele

    G Form Shin Guards, in case you havenִ heard already, are a revolutionary company that have taken social media by storm with product demonstration videos featuring their products. And why?
    Stuff like this:


    Pretty cool huh? And now, in line with the recent World Cup in Brasil, the guys at G Form are back with yet another revolutionary new sports protection aid. Featuring endorsement by Brasilian legend Edson Arantes do Nascimento, or Pele to you and I, the G Form Pro-X is near guaranteed to prevent injuries to the shin. Who knows, had Riccardo Montolivo worn G Form in Italy’s friendly with Republic of Ireland perhaps his break would not have been so brutal.

    The USA based company is famous for its weird and wonderful equipment testing methods, and though Americans may not know much about football (soccer?) they sure as hell know a bit about science. Having practically revolutionised the realm of protective clothing with their specialised equipment in BMX, Mountain Biking, Skateboard and other extreme sports, the company have now branched out into the world of soccer, sorry football.

    But how exactly are the G Form Shin Guards any different to normal shin guards? PhysioRoom.com investigates.

    How G Form works

    G Form products use a patented protection method known as RPT which applies molecular science to the sporting lexicon. RPT technology relies on the molecular science of repulsion. Simply, when the molecules in the solid product are not under impact – they repel each other, making them soft and flexible to the touch. G-FormOn impact however, the molecules bind together forming a completely solid structure before returning to the original state when the force dissipates. With ridges and hinges which mold to the outside of the leg, the Pro-X is capable of protecting the entire front face of the leg from impact related injuries. Anatomically designed to cover the weakest parts of the shin such as the centre point and with an articulated design which reaches down the leg, the Pro-X’s padded zones will absorb impact from anything short of an earthquake.

    The G Form range is designed, sourced, packaged and then manufactured in the USA.

    What PelΠhad to say

    The Brasilian legend has been a champion of the Pro-X range since G Form first conceived the idea over a year ago. Stating that “traditional hard shin guards with foam and tape just don’t protect that well” the former World Cup winner was impressed enough by the guard to take part in a strength test comparison involving a bowling ball…..(see below). PelΠnoted: “They are very, very comfortable, but the most important thing to me is (that) they can protect the player better at the same time”.

    How does this work in football?

    Naturally, footballers may be a bit put off by how soft the Pro-X is compared to a normal shin guard as when touched lightly the shin pad is remarkably flaccid. But this lack of solidity makes the Pro-X exceptionally light and comfortable to wear. It can be worn underneath training tracksuits without the need of zip-up leggings and even under skinny jeans, should you be so inclined. And upon impact the molecules bind together to create an exceptionally hard surface which is practically repellent to impact. Just check out this video to see for yourself:


    Designed for sport

    Designed with football in mind, the G Form Pro-X feature specifically designed impact systems which place additional protection to the middle of the shin and weaker points in both upward and downward directions. The Pro-X can also be used in mountain biking, skateboarding, kickboxing and hockey due to the lightweight nature of the product. The Pro-X will not falter under pressure and are capable of repeated impact resistance. PhysioRoom.com stocks the entire range of G Form products including iPad and iPod – check out the entire range!




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