Fitness & Gym Equipment

Squat Assist Machine
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Roman Chair & Back Extension Bench
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PhysioRoom Core Muscle Trainer
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Rehab & Fitness

Butterfly Contour Memory Foam Pillow
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Taping & Strapping

Hot & Cold Therapy

Cryotherapy Gravity Cryo Cuff Cooler
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Here at PhysioRoom, we supply a huge range of effective injury products. This includes physiotherapy supplies and rehabilitation equipment. We design all our high-quality products to help you return to full fitness as quickly as possible. We also offer a range of products that are sure to help you reach your peak physical performance. And, we provide news and guides to help educate you on avoiding injuries in sports.

For Pain Treatment

Whether you have chronic shoulder pain or foot pain following a sporting injury, PhysioRoom has something to help. Shop from supports & braces with the ultimate aim of treatment. You'll find everything from ankle wraps for runners to a suitable brace for posture.

Or, for dull pain, soreness and stiffness, head over to our hot & cold therapy section. Get expert treatment at competitive prices with PhysioRoom.

Sports Supports

Shop our clothing range for everything from protective gear to advanced compression shorts. These use a range of high-wicking materials and breathable neoprene for effectiveness and comfort.

For All Customers and Sizes

Browse to find physio supplies like a knee brace or a thumb brace in a range of sizes. There's nothing worse than buying the wrong size for something like an ankle injury. Simply follow the sizing guides on our product pages to find the perfect fit for you.

Exercises and Information

If you're seeking advice head over to our blogs. We regularly update them with treatment methods and exercise therapy guides. These look into everything from musculoskeletal disorders to minor injuries. Get knowledgeable about physiotherapy treatment for your particular complaint.


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