• English Premier League Injury Table

    With the games coming thick and fast in the Premier League this winter, injuries are becoming much more frequent.
    Many key players are missing, with a whole range of different injuries.
    Check out some of the most significant absences below, with advice, support, and suggestions on the best way to recover from the respective injuries.

    Lisandro Martinez Sidelined with Knee Injury — What’s Next?

    What Happened?

    Manchester United secured a 3-0 victory against West Ham, however, the joy of the win was overshadowed by a setback, as Lisandro Martinez suffered an injury to his right knee after a collision with Vladimir Coufal. Manager Erik ten Hag described the situation as a “personal disaster” for the centre back. Here’s the latest update:

    Ten Hag hinted at a potential worst-case scenario, however, fortunately for Martinez, he has dodged that outcome. While surgery won’t be necessary, he is expected to be sidelined for “at least eight weeks”, confirmed by the club.

    Knee Injury and Recovery

    A knee injury in football occurs when the knee joint undergoes strain or trauma. This is often caused by sudden movements, collisions, or twisting motions. It’s a common occurrence due to the high-impact nature of the sport.

    In Martinez’s case, he likely jarred his knee during the collision with Coufal. Recovery time varies depending on the severity, however, injuries of this nature typically sideline players for weeks to months. 

    Wearing a knee support brace, along with following medical advice, can help rebuild strength and get you back to full fitness quicker, as the brace provides extra support to the knee, reducing the risk of further injury. 

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    Matheus Cunha’s Hamstring Injury as Wolves Plot His Comeback

    What Happened?

    Matheus Cunha had been in stellar form since the start of the year. Earlier this month, the 24-year-old netted a hat-trick against Chelsea in their 4-2 win. However, just a week later, a blow hit the English club as Cunha suffered a hamstring injury against Brentford.

    Wolves boss Gary O’Neil has not put a timeframe on the Brazilian’s return, stating, “He’s started working on it already, so we’re just going to monitor it week by week, day by day…”. 

    Hamstring Injury and Recovery

    A hamstring injury happens when the muscles at the back of the thigh tear or strain. It’s quite common in football due to the game’s fast-paced nature, for instance, when players sprint to chase the ball or suddenly change direction. 

    Players start with rest and rehabilitation, gradually increasing activity. They may return to play when they can run, jump, and kick without pain. Additionally, hamstring support is often used to provide stability and compression. Take this adjustable groin and hamstring support, for instance. It’s designed to offer ongoing support for anyone who has experienced a pull or strain in these areas.

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    Newcastle’s Callum Wilson Chest Injury: Surgery and Recovery

    What Happened?

    Newcastle striker Callum Wilson had to undergo surgery on his pectoral tendon after the 31-year-old suffered an injury during his side’s 3-2 win against Nottingham Forest.

    “It’s a really strange injury…Initially, we thought it was his shoulder, but it is his pectoral muscle…We hope he will be back before the end of the season,” Manager Eddie Howe remarked. The striker had chest surgery after consulting a specialist, as confirmed by Howe.

    Chest Injury and Recovery

    A chest injury, such as a pectoral tendon tear, occurs when the muscles or tendons in the chest area get hurt. This usually happens during strong actions like tackling or stretching. A player might suffer this injury when colliding with another player or falling in a strange way.

    Recovery time varies but may take several months. Surgery is necessary to repair the torn tendon and ensure proper healing. Players typically return to action within six to nine months. It depends on how bad the injury is and how well the rehab goes.

    Wearing a support brace can also aid in recovery. A great example is a compression shirt that offers the following:

    • Increased control: Allows for safe and effective movements during rehabilitation.
    • Flexibility: Aids in restoring range of motion and preventing stiffness.
    • Support in both the central and lower core areas: For proper healing and reduces the risk of re-injury.

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    Manchester City Star Josko Gvardiol Knee Injury Update

    What Happened?

    Man City beat Copenhagen 3-1 in the Champions League last-16 first leg on Tuesday, but the celebrations were marred as three key players ended up in the treatment room post-game. Manager Pep Guardiola confirmed that defender Josko Gvardiol sustained an injury in his ankle. The 22-year-old will be out for up to three weeks until full recovery.

    Ankle Injury and Recovery

    An ankle injury occurs when the tissues around the ankle joint get damaged. It’s quite common in football, especially in the Premier League. Recovery time can vary. It usually takes several weeks to a few months, depending on the severity.

    Using sports braces like a football ankle support can be beneficial during recovery. They provide extra stability and support to the injured ankle. Wearing one can help heal it properly and reduce the risk of re-injury. Note: It’s important to get medical advice before choosing which braces to wear.

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