• What Is a Roman Chair Bench?

    What Is a Roman Chair Bench?

    The Roman chair bench has etched its place in the world of strength training. With a history rooted in ancient times, this equipment has evolved and become a staple. Its unique design targets key muscle groups, promoting core strength and stability. In this guide, we explore its origins and benefits and offer practical tips for … Read more

    How Fit are Formula 1 Drivers?

    There’s something about Formula One that appeals to the petrol head in us. If you’ve ever been to a grand prix, you’ll have been deafened by incredible roar of the engines while simultaneously captivated by the speed at which they maneuver. You may not get the chance this weekend, unless you live in Australia, but … Read more

    Introduction to Kettlebells | PhysioRoom.com

    Aptly named due to its similarity in appearance to some sort of old-school cast iron kettle, the kettlebell is a workout tool that can trace its roots all the way back to 18th century Russia and the circus strongmen that used them. Fast forward a few hundred years and you will have definitely happened across … Read more

    The Benefits of Creatine

    Creatine has become a hot commodity in the world of health and fitness in recent years. Used across the board from bodybuilders to endurance athletes and across both sexes, the most heavily researched supplement in the world is undoubtedly misunderstood. But what exactly are the benefits of creatine and how can it help your performance? … Read more

    Strength Training for Women

    Using strength training to aid weight loss Personal trainer and fitness blogger Alexis Fletcher is back once again with more quirky insights into the world of health and fitness. This week Alexis uses strength training to aid weight loss! “Many of my female clients complain of the usual hard to reach weight loss areas – legs, bums, ... Read more

    Improving Grip Strength

    “What do you grip, mate?”  How often have you come across that question? Exactly, never – grip strength isn’t exactly the most hotly disputed factor of strength. And it’s rare that people will talk about the big four exercises being; bench press, squat, deadlift and thumb squeezers. After all, one would think that in training a variety ... Read more

    The Ultimate Quadriceps Guide

    In our second Ultimate Workout guide, Toby Cryne discusses Jay Cutler, his huge quadriceps and how you can create legs to be revered. Welcome to the GymRoom.com Ultimate Quadriceps Guide. Bodybuilding as a sub-culture is one of the most fascinating aspects of modern life. A strange set of circumstances in which, size is something to ... Read more