• Equipment Basics: Weightlifting – What Do I Need?

    Equipment Basics: Weightlifting - What Do I Need?

    Starting a weightlifting journey is an exciting path to a stronger and healthier you. However, success begins with the right training weights essentials. Whether you’re new to lifting or refining your routine, understanding the basics is key. So join us as explore the must-haves to boost your performance and protect your well-being. Read on, and … Read more

    Introduction to Kettlebells | PhysioRoom.com

    Aptly named due to its similarity in appearance to some sort of old-school cast iron kettle, the kettlebell is a workout tool that can trace its roots all the way back to 18th century Russia and the circus strongmen that used them. Fast forward a few hundred years and you will have definitely happened across … Read more

    Bodybuilding: A Story of Size

    The sport of competitive bodybuilding is one of the strangest, yet intriguing sports to have taken hold over the last century. As broad and tall as those who compete, the sport has become a symbolised ideal of the masculine look. Bodybuilding contests display an ironic veneration of the disparity between beauty and strength. The thematic pairing of majestic, artistic (some … Read more