• Three running must-haves for your feet

    Whether youֲe taking part in a marathon or joining your local running group, caring for your feet while youֲe on the move is essential. Sealed tightly in a pair of specialised shoes while supporting your body weight with each step, your feet go through a lot while youֲe running and you canִ afford any sort of injury to this area if you want to perform to the best of your ability.
    Make sure your feet are in top condition for your run with these three products:

    Spenco 2nd Skin Blister Kit


    Weֶe all suffered from blisters and they are a real bugbear to runners. They are caused by another surface rubbing against your skin Рfriction, in other words.

    Itֳ common sense, then, that the first step before running would be to reduce the chance of your feet developing blisters by shielding your skin and preventing your socks or shoes from causing this soreness.

    The Spenco 2nd Skin Blister Kit is one way to give your feet an immediate defence from the cause of blisters and help lower the chances of developing one during your run.

    The kit includes three types of specialised padding, all designed to offer a different protection depending on what you require:

    • Moist pads: These pads act as a բarrierՠand help stop blisters forming on a particular part of your foot by cushioning them.
    • Knit strips/sheets: Sleek and easy to apply, the stretchy fabric allows these to be fitted securely on your foot to lower the risk of friction across a larger area.
    • Pressure pads: Do you always get a blister in the same spot? Worry no more Рyou can apply these pads in advance to known problem areas and ensure the sensitive skin gets the extra armour required.

    These pads and strips also offer relief from any blisters which may already be developing on the skin, relieving them from further aggravation and giving them the opportunity to heal.

    Our Spenco 2nd Skin Blister Kit is a must-have for your portable first-aid bag. Once you start using it, you֬l wonder why you were ever without it!

    PhysioRoom.com Dual Colour Gel Insole


    The sports shoe market is huge, with a whole host of trainers and boots on offer; tailor-made for all sports and developed to suit all types of feet. Running shoes are no different Рa quick Google search harvests over 42million results.

    But wearing the wrong type of shoe can put you at risk of injuring your feet, as can be seen withʼa href=”https://www.physioroom.com/advice/injuries/body-part/ankle-foot-tibialis-posterior-pain/”>Tibialis Posterior pain Рaka, Acquired Flat Foot.

    The function of the Tibialis Posterior muscle is to help the calf muscle push the foot down and to turn the foot inwards, so anything that interferes with this will put more strain on the muscleֳ tendon and make it prone to injury. Problems with this area are often caused by overuse, particularly in runners, and therefore having the right footwear is very important.

    One method of helping to prevent Tibialis Posterior pain is to use an insole in your running shoes. This will offer your feet support and reduce the stress placed on the areas of your feet most susceptible to injury.

    The PhysioRoom.com Dual Colour TPE Gel Insole provides up to 75% more cushioning compared to regular gel insoles.

    The grooves in the gel itself act like tiny springs, absorbing any impacts to pressure points such as the heel or the ball of the foot. Crucially, they also give support to the arch of your foot.

    You might well already have the smartest running shoes, but adding the insole gives you peace of mind that your feet will be well looked-after once the laces are tied.

    1000 Mile Ultimate Performance Socks with Cupron


    At first glance, you might wonder what exactly a particular type of sock could offer your feet while youֲe running. But these arenִ just your average pair of socks!

    They use the material Wool Ultraʠwhich, as the name suggests, is no ordinary wool. Itֳ up to 20% lighter than the usual and it dries quicker too.

    Itֳ all about the structure, too, with these socks. As you can see, the sock is made up of different պonesՠon the heel, toe and arch which, combined with the unique material, offer the necessary support to these areas. The high ankle also offers a strong grip to the leg and help them stay in one place Рbecause nothing is more annoying than having to adjust your socks mid-flow!

    The 1000 Mile Socks are so comfortable that you֬l want to wear them everyday, even if youֲe heading into the office rather than out on a run through the park Рand thatֳ okay!

    But donִ just take our word for it Рhereֳ what Anthony Ogogo told us about them:

    Ӕhese socks are brilliant. As a boxer I spent a lot of my time pounding the road to gain stamina and fitness, and we also spend a lot of our time up on our toes when we are training.

    Ӊn the past I’ve often got quite painful blisters on my toes and the balls of my feet; however, wearing these really help the foot move nicely in my boxing boots and I haven’t had a painful blister since wearing these.

    Ӂ blister sounds trivial but can be a real pain and affect my training routine so I make sure I always wear my 1000 Mile Socks whilst I’m in training camp.”

    If itֳ good enough for an Olympic boxer, itֳ good enough for us!

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