• Removing Kinesiology Tape – How To

    How to Remove Kinesiology Tape

    So now you’ve got your tape on and you’ve gotten that extra support during your chosen sporting acitivty, it’s time to take it off, so let us ease the process of removing kinesiology tape for you.

    The best tip we can offer when it comes to removing your kinesiology tape is to peel the skin from the tape, not the tape from the skin.

    Remove Kinesiology

    But in terms of the actual process, firstly make sure you’re removing the tape in the same direction as the growth of the hair underneath it, and whatever you do don’t rip the tape off like a plaster!


    • Start slowly, folding the corners of the edge back gradually, ensuring that you’re laying the removed tape on the back of the applied tape, as opposed to pulling the tape above and away from your arm.


    • As you’re peeling off the tape, hold your skin down with your other hand and either tap it, or pull it gently in the opposite direction of the tape. This helps the skin and the tape to separate more efficiently but with no discomfort.


    • If the tape has been applied over a particularly hairy part of the body, it helps to press down on the tape as you are peeling it off, as the pressure helps avoid further pain. It’s wise to have shaved the area before applying the tape but, as this isn’t always practical, taking this precaution will be necessary to some.


    Need a little extra assistance? Apply oil directly onto the tape, rub it in and wait around 10 to 20 minutes before removing it slowly. This will help reduce the stickiness of the tape and make it easier to remove.