• 5 Common Ice Hockey Injuries

    Winter Sports are very much in at the moment in the UK thanks to the Winter Olympics, and none more so than Ice Hockey. Here at PysioRoom, we have form for keeping an interest in Ice Hockey, following our link-up with the GB Ice Hockey team last year, and we’ll of course be cheering the … Read more

    American Football: The British Game and Injuries

    We’ve all seen the National Football League, or NFL. Or if we haven’t we at least know what it is, it’s those giant men, super athletes, crashing in to one another at high velocity and often with bad intentions. But what of our very own UK league? Here at PhysioRoom.com, we’re always keen to encourage … Read more

    NEWS: New Rugby Work-Out Helping to Prevent Injury

    There’s been some interesting news coming out of the rugby world of late. With increasing concerns over safety within the sport, experts have been searching for ways to improve or lessen the chances of injury. There may be some good news on the horizon. As a new, specific, 20-minute exercise programme can reduce injuries in … Read more

    What is CTE?

    With the Super Bowl approaching the NFL is once again front and centre of the sporting world. In this week’s PhysioRoom blog, we take a look at the brain injuries that eventually may threaten the very nature of the sport… To some, Sunday’s NFL extravaganza between the New England Patriots and the Atalanta Falcons, signifies ... Read more

    When horsing around accidents can happen!

    Well, I֭ not superstitious but Friday the 13th of May 2011 was such an unlucky day for me. I was really ill and got that dreaded phone call: ӈi, brought Patrick in from the field and something is not right looks like he has been kicked and his stifle is really soreʓ.

    Read moreWhen horsing around accidents can happen!