• Training for Gold Anthony Ogogo

    PhysioRoom.com continues to follow British˂oxing hopeful Anthony Ogogo on his goal to reach London 2012. In our latest interview we explore his training schedule.

    ??Anthony Ogogo shares his training diary with PhysioRoom.com

    Anthony Tell us what a typical day’s training is like?

    I train three times a day five days a week.

    7am: I run in the morning 7 o֣lock and that varies because we do different runs each day. An eight, nine mile run is probably the longest I would do, plus short 50 metre sprints.

    10.30am: At 10.30am I do 45 minutes of strengthening and conditioning. So mainly we֬l do three to four strength exercises Рsquats, bench press, etc, to work the major muscle groups.

    1pm onwards: In the afternoon we do techniques sessions. Only about 30 minutes long and not very intense, itֳ just about technique.

    When we do our main live boxing session, we do sparring, pad work, bag work, circuits, skipping, and a general boxing session.

    You can find out more about Anthony Ogogo at his official website www.anthonyogogo.com.

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