• Make Exercise Part Of Your Routine

    When you have worked hard all day the last thing you want to do is exercise. The vision of you jogging, swimming or going to the gym gets replaced by one of you sitting in a chair with a nice cup of tea.

    Although you know you feel better after exercise the thought of doing it can be enough to put you off. When you do push yourself you enjoy it but it the fact you have to force yourself means that more often than not you get home and sit down.


    Recently, I have taken to walking to work. It is about a couple of miles there and back. I find it helps to set me up for the day.

    After a brisk stroll I am ready to face work. Then on the way back all the pressures of computers not working and the boss piling pressure on me disappears.

    As you know exercise, even brisk walking, releases endorphins that make you feel happy. So as well as doing exercise I am relieving stress.

    The main advantage though is that I can fit in as part of my day. I donִ have to think about it.

    Whilst a walk to work is not as intensive an exercise as some others I do sometimes get knee pain and at least I am still able to walk if not jog when this comes on.


    I know a guy that runs marathons and he works about ten miles from his home. He is a really fit chap and he runs home from work every night.
    Obviously, we are not all marathon runners but if you live just a couple miles from work you could walk in the morning and then jog home at night.

    When Mrs Uppity has been really getting on my nerves and despite the old knee, I put on my ligament knee support and jog back. By the time I have got home she has gone out of my mind and I am feeling refreshed and virtuous.


    Norman Tebbit told us in the 1980s to get on our bike and look for work. Well why not get on it and go to work instead.

    If you look on the old t֩nernet you will find there are plenty of cycle lanes and paths that mean you arenִ pedalling furiously on rush hour roads being pursued by buses and lorries.

    It is worth a try but the first time you do it you may feel the need of cold packs on your thighs as they will hurt. After a while though you will get used to it and you will be speeding along in your Lycra like Sir Chris Hoy (Lycra is not essential by the way).

    So if you weave exercise into the fabric of your day you will be fitter and ready to take on the challenges each day brings.

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