• 20 Reasons ‘NOT’ To Run A Marathon

    Yeah, we know that charity is a good thing and running a marathon, whether it is for personal glory or for a great cause, is an admirable achievement. Anybody that can run for 26.2 miles has my respect, and anyone that does it dressed as the Incredible Hulk or in some excruciatingly uncomfortable Rhino costume … Read more

    Social Media Competition Terms and Conditions

    Suspension Trainer: Twitter, 11/05/16 The Suspension Trainerˣan be used at home, in the gym and even outside. It is designed to leverage gravity and your bodyweight, allowing you to perform hundreds of exercises as well as adjust the position of your body to increase or decrease resistance. This competition has been organised by PhysioRoom, on … Read more

    PhysioRoom.com’s TeamGB Sochi Round Up

    The land of ice and snow: Sochi in a nutshell.

    It has been a fortnight of high expectations, hilarious Russian toilet issues and controversial political uprisings but still, Sochi 2014 has been a somewhat, surprising success. Unless you’re from Kazakhstan that is. Jagshemash!

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