• Five Workouts to Try At Home

    Having the motivation to get out the house to take on some exercise can be hard to do sometimes. So here’s five ways you can improve your fitness right in the comfort of your own home.

    1. Stair Step Ups

    Step up classes are a favourite amongst gym goes but can be done just as easily in the home at your own staircase. To work the legs step up and down the lower step of your staircase in repetitions. You can also perform short tricep dips by sitting on the bottom step, holding onto the step above and lowering yourself up and down towards the floor. Remember to keep your legs stretched out. If your stairs are not high enough to perform this exercise try it with a sturdy bench or chair placed securely against a wall.

    2. A Can Do Attitude to Lifting Weights

    Tins of food are a great alternative to lightweight dumbells and can be used in the usual way to work the the arms and chest.

    3. Easy to Roll Out Towel Workout

    By rolling up a towel lengthwise you can use it to aid stretches. Hold the towel at each end and your arms upwards above your head with the towel outstretched. This will work the muscles in your back.

    4. Wall Push Ups

    Stand with you feet shoulder width apart facing a wall. Put both hands flat against the wall at shoulder height and shoulder width apart. You can then perform push ups against the wall. Make sure not to move you feet and keep your feet about two feet from the wall.

    5. Wall Squats

    Stand with your back press against the wall and slide down to a sitting like position. Keep your feet firmly planted and you back held against the wall. For beginners start by holding the squat for 30 seconds. Over time try and aim for five minutes.

    Try all five of the recommended steps. Remember to start and finish your workout by stretching. If you don’t have a yoga mat at home you can use a folded up bath towel as a simple alternative.


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