• Chris from PhysioRoomFC shares his first blog!

    There once was a fat chap called Chris,
    Who wanted to loose what he saw as his abyss,
    Armed with fruit & soup, he saw an opportunity to swoop,
    He started with enthusiasm & glee, but this soon turned into frustration & pee!

    PRFC challenge to date 14th January Р28th January 2013

    Wow three weeks in and it has been hard. Weight shifted very easily at first just by changing what I eat, or more to the point Ӭittle & oftenӠit has seen a dramatic change. I have gone up a belt buckle notch already so this is a great motivation for me now. Itֳ only been three weeks but I love being motivated.

    Weight on 1st Jan 2013ˊ 16 st 7lbs

    Weigh in weightˊˊˊˊˊˊʠ16 st 3lbsˊˊˊˊˊʠloss 4lbs

    Current weightʠˊˊˊˊˊˊʠ15 st 12lbsˊˊˊˊˊ loss 5lbs

    Total Loss to date = 10lbs in 28 days

    The difficulty for me has been getting my mind to say to my body Ӊ donִ need thatӮ Temptations are always there but I am finding that I can resist more. I calorie watch a great deal, which works for me.

    If I can average 2-4lbs a week then this is my target goal, which may be a bit excessive but I want to push myself. Maintaining this thereafter is also going to be a more difficult challenge particularly as I will have lost a lot of weight and think, ooh letֳ have a kebab or a beer or two.

    High Points

    • Feel great
    • Fitness is better
    • Clothes feel looser

    Low Points

    • Miss my beer; I am not alcoholic, hick hick! But I have been a life member of the AA.
    • Miss the snacking, I like crisps and my Achilles heel is bread, but switched to

      pittas, wraps and low calories crisps.

    Letֳ see what happens from now onwards!

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