• Back in the Saddle

    Horse riding is a passion I have had from a very young age and, after a 12 month break, I am finally back in the saddle and loving every minute of it. ˔he only downside is the aches and pains from using muscles not accustomed to the job I suddenly asked them to do again. Stretches, keeping mobile and hot soaks in the bath (Deep Heat Bath Foam) helped me through it.

    So, a month on and going well.ʠI’ve taken on a part-loan of a handsome Thoroughbred who is proving to be a challenge. A general warm up and plenty of stretches keep me flexible and injury-free at the moment, but I do need to increase my fitness regime, to build up my strength and stamina to help prevent any riding injuries to myself – and my horse. ˁnd, more importantly, to be strong in the saddle and stay on!

    Training will begin with another sport I have enjoyed over the years – running, road running to start and see where we go from there. Will keep you posted on my progress.

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