• Who’s Using What

    If anyone knows the value of a good healing aid it’s a professional sports player. Almost every week an athlete is spotted sporting something we at PhysioRoom.com are proud to stock.

    Here’s are just a few well known faces we’ve seen…

    Rio Ferdinand

    Rio Ferdinand

    Seen here using the Donjoy TROM Advance Cool is the Manchester United Defender. A key feature of this product is its ability to provide speedy recovery following post-op rehab.

    It can be used in relation to:

    • Cruciate ligament (ACL, PCL) surgery
    • Collateral ligament (MCL, LCL) surgery
    • Cartilage (meniscus) repair
    • Knee cap (Patella) realignment
    • Stable femoral fracture
    • Total knee replacement
    • High tibial osteotomy

    Javier Hernandez, Ricky Hatton & Phil Mickleson

    Javier Hernandez

    This unlikely trio have all been snapped making use of sports tape to strap up their wrists and ankles. PhysioRoom.com Sports Tape 2cm x 13.7m has been designed by sports medicine experts for instances such as these to protect against sprains and help to support such injuries.

    It can be used in relation to:

    • A sprained ankle
    • Shoulder separation
    • Knee ligament injury
    • Wrist sprain
    • Can also be used as a Patella Tendon strap

    Spotted anyone we’ve missed?

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