• Can Kinesiology Tape can help to Relieve Headaches?

    Kinesio tape (or elasticated tape) has been used for many years across a wide range of sports by top athletes who have suffered injuries including Serena Williams, Lance Armstrong and David Beckham, who is often seen wearing the brightly coloured tape.

    Kinesio tape is basically very thin, highly elastic therapeutic tape that provides joint and muscle support during sporting activities and can also help to assist with lymphatic drainage as well as helping to correct joint problems.

    British osteopaths have recently discovered that using Kinesio tape can be a highly effective method to treat severe headaches. Experts believe that using the Kinesio taping technique can significantly help to reduce headaches by repositioning the muscles that are under stress and therefore helping to relieve tension in the neck.

    Over ten million people in the UK suffer from headaches and migraines and although using painkillers can offer short-term relief, a long-term reliance on painkillers can worsen health problems. Tension headaches can be triggered by a range of causes including bad posture whilst sitting at a computer and even other factors such as sunlight and certain foods. Using Kinesio tape can help to improve your posture and relieve the tension that can cause a headache.

    Kinesio taping was originally developed 30 years ago in Japan by Dr Kenzo Kase who specialised in the study of human movement, this is also known as the science of Kinesiology. Kinesio tape is made from a highly elastic strand which is wrapped in cotton fibres; this makes the tape very comfortable to wear as well as being waterproof and breathable. Kinesiology taping provides compression and aids healing but doesnִ restrict movement in any way.

    How to use Kinesiology taping to relieve a headache:

    • Make sure your skin is clean and free from any oils, sweat or lotions before you apply the tape.
    • Place the bottom of the Y-strip Kinesio taping in the middle of your spine, (approx 2 inches below the base of the neck) then tilt your head downwards and to the left and apply the tape up the right side of your neck, it is probably best that you get someone to do this for you.
    • Repeat this on the opposite side of your neck then rub both tapes to activate the heat sensitive adhesive.
    • Take the straight strip of Kinesio tape and apply it on the strained section of your neck, again rub the tape to activate the heat sensitive adhesive.


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