• Fitness is Confidence

    Stanley Matthews was a fit man. He was still playing competitive football into his fifties and he kept himself in excellent shape. ӆitness is confidence,Ӡhe said and there are a lot of people who would agree with him.

    He would get up early and go to the beach. There he would do some deep breathing and stretching exercises. Then he would sprint up and down on the sand.

    His dedication was legendary and when asked if he was going to the beach on a miserable morning when it was pelting down with rain he answered simply, өtֳ my living.Ԝn


    If you talk to anybody that has lost a significant amount of weight the first thing they will tell you is that they feel more confident.

    It stands to reason that if your body is fit your mind will feel better as well. Once a person has reached a certain amount of fitness they also find that they are less inclined to give into temptation.

    People with body issues and low self esteem are more likely to comfort eat. They will also be disinclined to keep to a set exercise plan for a number of weeks. In addition, they will give up too easily and carry on with the dangerous combination of consuming the wrong food and sitting on the sofa.

    One of the best ways for them to break out of that cycle is for them to exercise with a friend who will help them to stick with the programme.


    Whenever we try to do anything there will be set-backs. Even the great Stanley Matthews, fit as he was, used to suffer from injuries.

    If you suffer from knee pain a ligament knee support will help. There are loads of joggers who wear supports as our knees can suffer when we run.

    So long as you warm up properly and slowly build up your exercise routine you should not suffer too much from injuries. It is always useful to make sure you have a well stocked first aid kit just in case.

    Donִ let a pulled or strained muscle put you off. Once you have rested up properly make sure you get back out there. Overcoming adversity can boost your confidence almost as much as getting yourself fit.

    You donִ need to be as single minded as Stan but with a bit of diligence you will start to see your results and will feel better both physically and mentally.

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