• Three Pre-Workout Meals

    What do you eat before you workout? The food that you digest before you start to move about can help you to exercise more efficiently.

    The body when it exercises uses carbohydrate and fat. During high or moderate exercise it draws on the carbohydrate that is stored in the body. ˃arbohydrates are a combination of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Once inside the body they enter the bloodstream combining with the body to make glucose or blood sugar providing it with much needed energy.

    Sportsmen and women tend to eat about four hours before a match. So for lunchtime kick offs they are gobbling down their food at eight in the morning.


    You will find footballers complaining about the amount of pasta they eat before a game.

    Nutritional experts tell us that pasta is a great source of energy for the body. This is why it is so popular for players to consume it before a match.

    It is important that players choose the right sort of pasta. You will find that they will be eating whole grain pasta and not pasta that is made from processed grains.

    Check the packet in the supermarket when you buy your pasta to make sure it is whole grain.


    Cereals are an excellent source of calcium, iron, fibre and carbohydrates that you will need before your workout.

    Also if you add fruit to your porridge, weetabix or corn flakes it will make it even more nutritious.

    The key is to eat food that is not heavy. The last thing you need when you are running or swimming is to be weighed down by the food you have taken on board.

    Not surprisingly you should not eat chips, doughnuts or crisps before you set out for your jog as these will make you feel ill and you may need the first aid kit or cold packs when you get home.


    If you need a snack an hour before you start your routine a piece of toast with some jam on it will do the trick.

    As with the pasta make sure it is whole grain toast and a small glass of juice will also help to energise your body.

    If you are going to be exercising for longer than an hour you could also pack some toast to eat half way through your workout.



    It is also important that you make sure that you are well hydrated before exercising and always take a bottle of water with you.

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