• Do’s and Dont’s of Exercise

    Taking a look at the do’s and don’ts on exercise.

    Do Exercise

    We are becoming a sedentary race. Our bodies were built for running. When Homo Sapiens was making its way in Africa against the other animals it was our ability to run that made it a successful species.

    The human body is not built to sit at a computer all day, drive home, sit in front of the TV and go to bed. It evolved to move and it is important that we use our bodies the way they are supposed to be used.

    Never mind if you have a bit if knee pain, wear a ligament knee support. There are so many ways to exercise that you can find one that you can do whatever level of fitness you happen to be.

    Do Warm Up

    A recurring mistake of people who start to exercise is to forget to warm up. At this time of year when new-year resolutions are flowing through peopleֳ bodies they can put the running shoes on and head straight out into the cold night air. This is how injuries occur and once you have pulled a thigh and have to rest for three weeks those resolutions have run cold.

    When you warm up you are slowly increasing the circulation within the body. You should warm up for at least five minutes before you embark on your exercising. There are various stretches that are very good for loosening tight muscles and getting the body ready to exercise.

    It is also useful for getting you mentally ready for your exercise so that you complete the exercise you have set yourself to do.

    Donִ Give Up

    Gymֳ make money from the fact that people take out memberships in January and by March (or earlier) they have given up and yet they have paid for twelve months. The road of good intentions is paved with lapsed gym membership cards.

    The key to a good exercise routine is to vary it. Even if you were to eat your favourite meal every night you would soon get bored. So if you go jogging down the same streets three times a week there will come a time when you stop.

    There are swiss balls and other pieces of home gym equipment you could buy. Or you can jog, swim and cycle as well as perform aerobic exercises on different nights to keep your routine invigorating.

    Donִ Overdo It

    The temptation is once you start to get fitter and losing weight is to over exercise. You canִ turn from sofa slouch to top trainer in a matter of weeks. If you do too much too soon you will seriously hurt yourself and be calling for the first aid kit.

    Knowing your bodyֳ limits is one of the most important lessons you learn once you exercise regularly. Experienced exercisers know when to push themselves and when they need to rest. It is important that you can recognise when you need to take it easy so that you can keep up your routine and achieve your fitness goals.

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