• Building a timetable to fitness

    Your exercise plan will depend on how fit you are at the moment. Obviously if you are completely unfit you will not be able to do the same exercises as someone in better shape.

    If you want to end your couch potato days and get fit then you will need to create a timetable to fiitness. Without a plan your fitness regime will be in danger if fizzling out after the first trip to the gym and as soon as something good comes on the telly instead.

    We are all used to the idea of timetables from our school days and instead of double geography you should organise some exercise for yourself at designated times.

    Get your body moving and dance

    You need to do something fun to make your new exercise regime appealing. So to get yourself in the mood why not get your body moving with a good old boogie.

    In the privacy of your home you can be as stupid as you want just so long as you wiggle those hips, pull up your knees and wave your hands about. You are exercising and not self-consciously dancing around your handbag.

    It is a great way to warm up as well which is vital if you are just starting to exercise. If you donִ warm up you can injure yourself and the last thing you need is to come a cropper with knee pain just as you are getting started.

    The key to your plan is to build up slowly so that there will be no need for cold packs or first aid kits.

    An easy exercise to include

    There are a number of simple exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home which can save you going to the gym. As you get fitter you can build up the number of repetitions you do of these exercises before moving on to a more strenuous workout.

    One of these is called the wall press. This exercise is often suggested to people who are recovering from dislocated shoulders as a way of building up the muscle strength in that area.

    All you do is stand in front of a wall and place your arms out straight in front of you with your palms placed at shoulder level. Then you bend your elbows down and bring your face against the wall. Push back against the wall and return to your original position.

    Limit the number of repetitions to less than ten in the first week and up it by two each week.

    Building up your strength

    Once you feel ready you can then include things like sit-ups, pull-ups and other more strenuous exercises to your workout.

    Keeping fit will reduce the risk of your body suffering from diabetes and heart disease so if you can build a timetable to fitness you will live a healthier life.

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