• A Few Strange Fitness Facts You Need To Know

    The human body is both strange and beautiful. You heart will beat over one hundred thousand times today. It also creates enough pressure whilst pumping blood around your body to squirt blood thirty feet.

    Did you know your thigh bones are stronger than concrete, a sneeze travels at one hundred miles an hour and you blink over ten million times a year?

    We take our bodies for granted and maybe that is the reason that that so many people are not exercising and keeping their bodies fit. Your body needs to move, it was built to run and not to slouch on a couch in front of the telly.


    You will burn more calories sleeping than you will by watching X Factor. During sleep your body is at work repairing and growing cells. Our brains and bodies are still working while we sleep using energy and burning calories.

    While watching TV you are not doing anything so you will use less energy than when you are catching up with the ZZZZs. Research shows that while watching the idiot box we actually do turn into idiots as our brains seem to come to a halt.

    We also tend to snack whilst caught in the glare of the TV screen. If you are not doing regular exercise this food will turn to fat. It has been shown that people who watch three or four hours of television a day are more likely to be obese than those who watch less than an hour.


    Being overweight puts pressure on that hard working heart as well as your joints, especially your knees. They help to support you and the seriously overweight often need to wear ligament knee supports or even require new knees because of the excruciating knee pain they suffer.

    You may think that you canִ hurt yourself innocently watching TV. Yet, if you donִ change channel and exercise as well watching the gogglebox you will cause your body real harm.

    Obesity is caused essentially by eating high fat foods and inactivity. The television not only keeps you inactive it promotes the foods that will do damage to you as well. If you donִ move and eat the wrong food you will need a first aid kit sooner or later.

    Wakey wakey

    Your body needs between seven to eight hours sleep a night. Lack of sleep can lead to serious health problems. One of which is obesity as sleep deprivation can cause your appetite to be increased.

    Bad TV is bad for your body especially if it deprives you of your beauty sleep.

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