What is the Donjoy Quick Fit Hinged Knee Brace?

The Quick Fit hinged knee brace by Donjoy is a compression garment designed to provide protection, support and compression for a number of knee conditions:

  • Knee sprains
  • Mild to moderate ligament injuries
  • Ligament instabilities
  • Meniscus/Cartilage injuries
  • Patella subluxation, laxity or misalignment
  • Mild arthritic pain

Featuring adjustable compression straps, covered hinges for added protection from lateral impacts and bilateral stays for unstable ligament support, the Quick Fit knee brace is designed to be highly supportive but unrestrictive and ideal for return to sports activities. The breathable, form-fitting mesh material promotes airflow during sports activities and ensures the brace is extremely lightweight and comfortable. The Quick Fit knee brace features an oval-shaped donut which an be trimmed for patella misalignment correction.

Size Guide

This universal brace fits the left or right knee

The measurement should be taken around the thigh - 15cm or 6 inches above the patella mid-line:

  • Small: 39 - 47cm (15.5" - 18.5")
  • Medium: 47 - 53cm (18.5" - 21")
  • Large: 53 - 60cm (21" - 23.5")
  • X-Large: 60 - 67cm (23.5" - 26.5")

General Specs
Functional UseSupport / Pain Relief / Compression
Functional Type/CategoryKnee Brace
Indication (General)
Indication? Knee Sprains
? Mild to moderate liagment injuries
? Ligament instabilities
? Meniscus / Cartilage injuries
? Patella subluxation, laxity or misalignment
? Mild arthritic pain