• More workout mistakes

    When we do exercise we feel so virtuous that we donִ think that we might be doing something wrong. The body is moving, it is sweating and you are jogging despite needing to wear a ligament knee support…

    You feel good, the endorphins are making you feel happy and as you shower you think that even though you are tired you have done yourself a favour. It is, of course, better to do some exercise than to do none at all but there may be ways to improve the way you workout.

    There may be things you could do that will make you fitter and stronger that you should include in your workout plan. In addition, there may be things you do after exercising that you should avoid doing.

    Donִ forget the weights

    It is easy, when you go the gym, to just go on the jogging machine or the bike, have a quick swim and then go home.

    Doing some weight training will exercise parts of the body that other exercises simply canִ reach. Donִ worry you wonִ start to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger by pumping a few weights.

    You may fear that you will need a first aid kit if you approach the weights but this is not true either. If you ask at the gym for advice on what weights you should use and how to use them you will be able to tone and firm up your muscles.

    Timing of exercises

    However, only hit the weights if you have a certain level of fitness and this is true of other exercises. For instance, you should not attempt sit ups until you are at an advanced level of fitness.

    It is the obvious exercise to try if you want to achieve a Jessica Ennis-style washboard stomach. You could though injure your back if you are not fit enough to perform sit ups properly.

    By doing this exercise too early you could end up pushing your stomach out and leaving yourself with a paunch instead of a flat stomach. The key is to create an exercise programme where you build up your core strength and fitness so that you only perform exercises when you are able to do them properly.

    Celebrating exercise

    There is a thought process that runs something like, ӂeen on the exercise bike… Did some weights… Even used the Swiss Ball…Can get away with drinking five pints tonight.Ԝn
    Obviously, your exercise programme will not work if you think like this. Exercise and diet have to work together and just because you have done exercise it does not mean you can then eat that cream cake.

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