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Gel Insoles

Our Gel Insoles are specially made to feature gel inserts which increase your comfort levels and shock absorption abilities. Any sports that require running, jumping and changing direction can increase the impact that goes through the body with each step and place the body at greater risk of injury.

The PhysioRoom gel insoles range can help you with conditions such as: • Fallen Arches • Shin Splints • Pronated Foot • Plantar Fasciitis • Achilles Tendonitis • Runners Knee • Blister Prevention • Foot and Back Pain

Take a closer look at our best-selling gel insoles

Our first popular insoles work by absorbing shock and impact in the forefoot and heel, while helping to stabilise and support the feet. They help reduce fatigue, improve athletic performance as well as ensure that pressure on the ankle, knee and hip is reduced. These performance gel insoles feature a heel cup and arch support for maximum comfort and protection. Check out the Spenco Ironman Performance Gel Insoles by clicking here.

While our very own PU gel foam insoles provide superb cushioning and excellent thermal insulation. Comfortable to wear the gel insoles are breathable, wick moisture away from the skin and absorb odour, making them ideal for walking, hiking and athletics. Click here to view the PhysioRoom PU Gel Foam Insoles now!

Finally, the 3D cushioning gel insoles are pre-contoured insoles composed of a stabilising shell that guarantees protection. It also has two gel pads; The liquid gel pad at the front end of the insole protects the forefoot, while the gel pad at the rear end provides cushioning. Find out more about the Sidas Cushioning Gel 3D Insoles by clicking here!

Is the insole you require not here? If so, check out the full range of insoles at PhysioRoom by taking a look at our main Insoles section.

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