• Best places to exercise

    These days through the Wii and other similar technological marvels we can get fit in our own homes. Whilst computer graphics have improved since the days of the ZX Spectrum running on a CGI island behind a multi coloured dwarf randomly waving at you is not necessarily the most interesting way to shed those extra pounds.

    The Streets

    So long as you vary the route jogging through your local neighbourhood so it does not get boring this is the easiest place to go.

    You often see other joggers and can feel a sense of comradeship with other runners. The people you see pounding the streets are all shapes and sizes and often they are fit but there are those who have not let an injury stop them from training.

    I really admire the dedicated runners who you see wearing a knee support or an ankle support and have not let that stop them. When it is cold and wet often your brain will think of any reason not to run so if you can still get out there with an injury then that is really admirable.

    The countryside

    Hill running is only for the really fit. I have a friend who competes in Iron Man events that involves running up mountains. While I am not as fit as that I do enjoy running in the countryside (especially if it’s flat).

    Just walking in the country is good for the soul but it is great jogging or cycling in nature. It is such a special place to be especially if all you are used to is noise, traffic and pollution. Fresh clean air and fantastic views make the trip out worthwhile and can set you up for a week of work.

    The beach

    Red Rum famously trained on Southport beach to give him the stamina to win three Grand Nationals. While you may not be a champion racehorse running on the beach is great fun.

    It can be bracing (a euphemism for cold) but once you get going you soon warm up. Obviously donִ try and do it on busy beaches and watch out for tides but running in the sea air can be quite exhilarating.

    Just remember, it wonִ help your fitness if you decide to run in slow motion as if you were in the opening scenes from the movie Chariots of Fire.

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