• Best Knee Braces for Recovering from an ACL Injury

    The dreaded ACL Knee Injury, every sportsman’s worst nightmare. It’s not just any injury, with that confirmation from a doctor comes a realisation that a difficult journey of recovery lies ahead.

    For professional athletes it’s almost a jail sentence, meaning they’re destined to spend their days locked in the physio room completing a long and arduous rehabilitation period. And for us mere mortals, it means our Sunday League team will be missing their technically deficient “at least he turns up, give him a game” right-back.

    So that being the case, you’re going to need a helping hand as you’re slowly nursed back to full fitness, and there’s nothing better than our range of knee braces and supports.

    But before we get on to those, let’s remind ourselves of the details behind an ACL injury.

    What is an ACL Injury?

    An Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tear is a fairly common knee injury in sports that involve changing direction and turning. The ACL lies deep within the knee joint, connecting the thigh bone with the shin bone. The function of the ACL is to prevent excessive forward movement of the shin in relation to the thigh and to prevent excessive rotation at the knee joint. The ACL plays a major role in maintaining knee joint stability.

    An ACL injury can occur in several different ways, most notably by landing from a jump onto a bent knee then twisting or landing on a knee that is over-extended. In high-contact sports, direct contact to the knee from opponents can cause an ACL injury. Because of the amount of force that is required to damage the ACL it is not uncommon for other structures within the knee such as the meniscus or medial ligament to also be damaged.

    Signs and Symptoms of an ACL Injury

    At the moment of injury, the person may experience a snapping sensation deep within the knee joint. There will be pain, proportional to the force and degree of damage to other structures within the knee joint. The Medial Collateral Ligament and Menisci (Cartilage) are often damaged together with the ACL.

    In some cases, the person may feel able to continue playing but, as soon as the knee is put under strain during sports activity, the knee joint will become unstable.

    The reason the person is unable to carry on is that the restraining function of the ACL is absent and there is excessive rotation and forward movement of the shin in relation to the thigh, making the knee joint unstable.

    After a couple of hours the knee joint will become painfully swollen due to what is called a haemarthrosis (bleeding within the joint).


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    Donjoy Armor with Fourcepoint Knee Brace

    Donjoy’s patented Fourcepoint hinge uses an intelligent spring mechanism to cushion movement as the knee straightens. This dampens stress on the knee during the most at risk range of motion; reduces strain on the ACL; and eliminates the rigid shock of the knee locking out. It provides protection through the full range of knee motion (0-140degree). In addition, simple adjustment to the hinge allows a choice of three restricted ranges of motion – 25-0 degree; 35-10d egree; and 45-20 degree (shipped with 35-10 degree).

    Donjoy Armor with Fourcepoint Knee Brace - ACL

    The Donjoy Armor Knee Brace with Fourcepoint Hinge also features the Donjoy Four Points of Leverage system which restores knee joint stability by preventing movement of the shin in relation to the thigh. All of this knee protection is provided by a super lightweight brace made of aircraft grade aluminium. Fully lined with ‘anti-migration’ pads to keep the brace comfortably in place.

    Check out the Donjoy Armor with Fourcepoint Knee Brace by clicking here!


    Donjoy X-ACT Post Op Knee Brace

    The X-Act ROM Knee is the lightest post-surgery brace currently manufactured by Donjoy and takes comfort, fit and functionality to the next level. The support features a number of innovative design characteristics to ensure the X-Act ROM Knee is the product of choice when considering an appropriate support for recovery from a number of Post-Op knee indications :

    As we know, we’re looking at ACL injuries, but this brace is also useful for number of conditions, including but not limited to:

    • Cartilage Repair including Microfracture Surgery
    • Patella Realignment
    • Tendon Repair following rupture of patellar or quadriceps tendon
    • Total and Partial Knee Replacement

    Donjoy X-ACT Post Op Knee Brace - ACL

    Incorporating a variety of enhanced features, the Donjoy X-Act ROM Knee Brace can accommodate a variety of patient shapes and sizes due to its unique versatility, creating a tailored personalised fit.

    Check out the Donjoy X-ACT Post Op Knee Brace by clicking here!


    PhysioRoom Elite Hinged Knee Brace

    The PhysioRoom.com Elite Hinged Knee Brace features an adjustable ROM hinge, which allows 0-90 degree flexion and extension to stabilise the joint and prevent hyper-extension, thus reducing the chance of an injury re-occurring.

    Removable pins allow the wearer to set the hinge, limiting the knee’s range of movement and speeding recovery during the rehabilitation period.

    PhysioRoom Elite Hinged Knee Brace - ACL

    Because its Airmesh breathable construction allows air to circulate freely, the Elite Knee Brace can be worn for extended periods of time. Its four-way stretch, multi-filament fabric ensures a supportive fit and comfortable cushioning.

    As with our previous option, this brace is also useful for number of conditions, including but not limited to:

    • Cartilage Injuries
    • Knee Arthritis.
    • Stiff, Weak or Painful Knee

    Check out the PhysioRoom Elite Hinged Knee Brace by clicking here!


    Compex Bionic Knee Support Brace

    The Compex Bionic Knee Brace allows optimal support and protection for unstable, injured or recovering knees, ligament sprains/tears.

    It provides support and protection in sports or daily activities, it’s unique hexagonal patella opening ensures proper patella alignment without compromising motion, while bilateral hinges prevent hyperextension and help stabilize the knee and protect it from lateral impacts.

    Compex Bionic Knee Brace

    It features and Ergonomic design which improves fit and function. The neoprene wraparound design allows for quick easy application without the need to remove shoes and the straps and wrap structure allow for adjustable compression.


    View the Compex Bionic Knee Support Brace by clicking here!


    For more options, why not take a look at our full range of ACL injury appropriate braces!