• 5 Different Ways to Workout

    Are you bored with your workout? Is the treadmill at the gym starting to feel like, well, a treadmill?ʠWhy not do exercises you will enjoy rather than endure?

    Why not try out a few different activities to vary your routine and relight your exercise fire? Because when training becomes tiresome many people give up and go back to their old ways.

    Also by freshening up your programme you can learn new skills. This will make the process of getting and keeping fit far more engaging than simply putting one foot in front of the other.


    If you want to be on the sidelines with your pom-pom you can get fit by doing the exercises needed to be cheerleader.

    To be a cheerleader you need strong abs and to strengthen them you need to do crunches. Lie down with your legs bent and lift your shoulder blades off the ground whilst keeping your stomach tight.

    Strong legs are also required so you could also do some lunges by stepping forward, keeping your back straight and bending your knee at a right angle. Your back knee should touch the ground.

    Make sure, as always, that you have warmed up properly as you could easily suffer knee ligament damage if you are not careful.

    Hula Hooping

    The star of the recent diamond jubilee concert was Grace Jones. The audience were spellbound as they watched her hula hoop throughout her song. It was mesmerising.

    It is actually a very good fun exercise to do and is less intense than more traditional pursuits.

    If you can keep it going for ten minutes you will burn a hundred calories. Hula hooping also helps to tone up your stomach and thighs.

    Pole dancing

    Despite its shady connotations pole dancing is actually very good exercise. You can even get a pole that fits into your house so you can do it in privacy.

    There are classes throughout the country and the emphasis is on having fun. What could be better than an exercise that combines movement and music?

    A good gym workout will burn about two hundred and fifty calories. Twirling and spinning round the pole as well as climbing it will burn the same amount.


    This is speed dating for the fitness fanatic. The idea is to get single people who love exercising to stay fit together.

    It is a great idea as it is always more fun to exercise with other people. Also you may find the love of your life.

    Go Ape

    Go Ape are parks that you can go to with your mates or family and spend a few hours climbing trees, zooming down zip wires, balancing on beams and running through the tree tops.

    You have to have a certain amount of stamina to complete the course but you can take as long as you like going round.

    Again it is more fun to do as you are enjoying the experience with friends and family and even though you are pushing your body it does not feel like exercise.

    If you are not used to such sustained activity you may need a cold pack and a first aid kit after it all but it will leave you feeling happy if a little tired.

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