• Walking on Sunshine

    Golf, as the old joke goes, is a good walk spoiled. We often forget though that walking is actually a very useful way of exercising.It may not burn off as many calories as jogging, swimming or playing team sports. The average walker does not come out in a sweat. Yet is a useful way of exercising as it reduces stress levels and improves your fitness.


    If you have had an injury and it is too early to throw yourself into your exercise routine then walking is a gentle way to start.

    You may have knee pain and need to wear a ligament knee support and are not ready to jog then a walk round the block will help.

    It may be more pleasing through to take a walk in the countryside. I am not suggesting you trek up a mountain if you are recovering from injury. There are many flat places to walk in nature and it is a nice way to get the old bones moving before you decide to do more intense cardiovascular work.


    Just walking every day for twenty minutes to half an hour can help to keep you fit. People with dogs statistically live longer than those without partly because they have to walk every day whatever the weather.

    The simple fact that they are doing even the most basic form of exercise helps to cut down the risk of serious health problems and diseases. The fact that they have to do walk every day is the key as this helps to keep down the fat content in their blood and aids circulation.

    If you donִ want a dog you can still walk every day. Donִ get in the car if you are just going to the local shops. Find time in your day, at lunchtime or in the evening, to go for a little walk.

    For those that get the bus into work get off a few stops early and walk the rest of the way. You will feel better for it.


    Psychologists often suggest to patients that suffer from depression that they should go for a walk. Walking releases endorphins which are the bodyֳ natural happy drugs. Your mood does improve by simply going for a walk.

    However, for some people even walking can be painful. There are those that suffer pain in their heels, knees and lower back while walking because they have poor foot function.

    Foot orthotics can help people to distribute their weight more evenly while walking and can help to take pressure off sore spots and provide shock absorption.

    So letֳ go for a little walk…

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