Running & Compression Socks

Find specially designed PhysioRoom sports socks for all types of exercise in our comprehensive range. We also stock compression socks from 1000 Mile. Unlike ordinary socks, products by 1000 Mile give the wearer extra support and comfort. They prevent blisters and keep the feet ventilated, cool and dry.

We stock a great variety of compression socks and compression stockings. All our socks promote injury prevention and healing for several conditions. These include plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and ankle sprain.

PhysioRoom Athletic Compression Socks
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PhysioRoom Compression Ankle Sleeve Sock
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Support & Compression Socks

Our range of support & compression socks are designed to accelerate blood circulation. Alongside this, they aid muscle recovery and reduce toxins. These socks are ideal for running and sporting activities. They increase lymphatic drainage which removes waste products from the muscles. Their level of compression also compresses the varicose veins. This means they don't become swelled with blood and cause vein damage or blood clots.

Aids Blood Flow during Travel

Wearing compression gear and socks doesn't just have to be for sports. They can also be used for personal care. It is recommended to wear compression or flight socks when travelling by air, rail or road. Doing so reduces the risk of developing the medical condition DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). They provide graduated compression to the veins and muscles. This helps improve circulation and stop leg cramps during long periods of inactivity.

Ultimate Comfort During Exercise

Compression socks are ideal for running. They are particularly popular amongst marathon runners because of their blister-free features. Blisters can be very common during marathon running. They form when friction on the surface of the foot rubs layers of skin together and forms a pocket of fluid or blood. These blisters are extremely painful and can have an adverse effect on running performance.

The thickness of these socks also gives the wearer maximum comfort.

1000 Mile Sports Socks & Blister Prevention Socks

1000 Mile socks are the leading brand of blister prevention socks. They are ideal for running and are particularly popular amongst marathon runners. This is all down to their great blister-free features. So if you're training for a marathon or half marathon, make sure you get some proper anti-blister socks from 1000 Mile!

For all Feet Sizes

Whatever your shoe size, we have compression socks that will fit you! Stop tired feet, and aid exercise through the use of our fantastic range of compression socks.


For more serious injuries, check out our ankle supports for strain to help you recover quickly.